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How Does Huskaloo Work?


Huskaloo - Coconut cat litter is made from the husk of coconuts. An under-used resource that is often a discarded by-product of delicious chocolate bars and ice-cream. It's super absorbent, biodegradable, naturally hypo-allergenic and resistant to bacterial growth. 

Huskaloo is treated with bicarbonate of soda, to stay fresh and odour free for the duration of use. It will naturally biodegrade in your garden compost.

The packaging for Huskaloo is also 100% recyclable.

Don't just take our word for how absorbent it is.

 We commissioned a government accredited research laboratory to show you a comparison with clay cat litters.


Click Here to find out more about Huskaloo.


Take off the outer wrapping of the block

Place the block in your tray. Pour 8oz of warm water evenly over the brick

Wait 30sec for
the brick to expand

Break up the semi damp block and spread across the tray

Block vector.png
Cat litter with block vector.png
Cat litter with block vector
Cat litter tray filled.png
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